Fun Factory

The YWCA Fun Factory is a preschool program for children aged three to five who live in Titusville and the surrounding communities. At Fun Factory, we are proud of our reputation of providing a safe and happy environment in which children learn to socialize and acquire skills needed to enter school.

The Fun Factory accommodates approximately 40 children per year in a three-day class (Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday), a two-day class (Thursday and Friday), or a five-day option (Monday through Friday). We are open from 8:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. For more information about the YWCA Fun Factory, call Amy Sines at 827-2746, ext. 106.

Fun Factory Fall Session starts August 31st

PNC Bank visits Fun Factory


Circle Time: During Circle Time, Fun Factory staff record attendance and lead the children in a Good Morning Song. Then the class discusses the weather and works on counting skills while doing the calendar. The children also work on listening skills and following directions while participating in activities related to the weekly theme.

Center Time: Center Time involves placing children in four small groups. Each group focuses on a separate activity centered around the weekly theme. During center time, children focus on the use of small motor skills like lacing, stringing beads, cutting, coloring, gluing, and holding writing instruments. We also work with children to help them recognize colors, shapes, names, numbers, and the letters in their names, and help each child write her or his name. After each group has completed their activity, the groups rotate until all the children have had a chance to complete each center activity.

Gym Time: The children participate in at least twenty minutes of gym time each day. In the gym we focus on structured play as well as free time. The children work on their large motor skills like hopping on one or two feet, walking on a line, jumping, running, skipping, etc. When the weather is nice, we take the children outdoors. Fun Factory has a new, large fenced area with a play structure where the children can stay safe, enjoy playing together, and stretch their imaginations.

We also visit the Benson Memorial Library each month and tour places in our community like the fire station, the police station, the post office, and the train station.

The Fun Factory is a high quality, individualized program that helps children develop skills that they will use and build on when they attend Pre-K and/or Kindergarten. The YWCA of Titusville is proud of our excellent Fun Factory staff and the outstanding service they provide to our community.

Fun Factory Community Service Projects

The March of Dimes Basket Auction. In November the March of Dimes holds a basket auction and Fun Factory donates two baskets with labels: “Fun Factory Favorites-Girl” and “Fun Factory Favorites-Boy”. The children in Fun Factory vote on their favorite activities, snacks, toys, etc. Then, the parents donate an item from the list, we decorate the baskets, and they are ready for the auction.

Toys for Tots Pocket Change Project. Early in the school year, the Fun Factory children begin collecting their pocket change. In December, we take the children to the bank to count the change they have collected. Then we ride the trolley to Wal-Mart to take the children shopping for toys they will donate to Toys for Tots.

Adopt a Service Member. The adopted service member is usually a family member of one of our children. We send home a list of the items being requested. The children make artwork and take pictures. We have a representative from the VFW come and talk to the children about the Armed Services. Then, we mail a giant care package containing the children’s artwork, pictures, and donated items to our adopted service member.

Fun Factory Forms

Please call 827-2746 ext 106 for copies the Fun Factory Agreement and the Fun Factory Enrollment form.

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available! Please call the Fun Factory for more information.

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